AquaFinn, LLC is committed to creating safe, biodegradable, environmentally friendly treatments, medicated feeds, and other products for aquatic enthusiasts.

AquaFinn products are the result of 30 years of experience in the aquaculture industry, both nationally and internationally. AquaFinn's parent company, AquaSolver, provides consulting services for projects ranging from full aquaculture facilities anywhere in the world, to local koi ponds and aquariums.

AquaFinn Timeline:
  • Winter 2019, AquaFinn launches the MinnFinn Marine and Reef product for use with salt water fish, invertebrates, and corals
  • Fall 2019, AquaFinn gains a distributor in the UK.
  • Fall 2018, AquaFinn gains a distributor in Australia.
  • Summer 2017, AquaFinn places a temporary hold on orders of MedFinn. On June 3, 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) amended the animal drug regulations regarding Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) drugs - which includes Romet, the active ingredient in MedFinn. The new regulation, which took effect October 1, 2015, requires consumers to obtain a prescription and a VFD authorization from a veterinarian before they can purchase Romed, and also restricts its sale for use with only salmon, trout, and catfish. While the FDA's new regulation was intended to regulate medications used in food-producing animals, the new regulation does not distinguish between food animals and companion animals, and does not distinguish between large factory farms and the home aquarium fish keeper. Many in the pond and aquarium industries are petitioning the FDA to update the regulation so it does not apply to non-food-producing animals. AquaFinn is watching the situation closely and will bring MedFinn back to market as soon as Romet TC is once again available over-the-counter for pond and aquarium fish.
  • Fall 2014, PetSmart purchases MinnFinn Max for use in their fish distribution centers.
  • Summer 2014, AquaFinn expands our social media presence from Facebook to Twitter and Yelp.
  • Spring 2013, AquaFinn launches MinnFinn™ Mini for the home aquarium - the same great MinnFinn™ medication in a smaller bottle with aquarium-sized dosing.
  • Spring 2012, AquaFinn launches new MedFinn Medicated Feed System based on FDA label requirements to maximize treatment potential.
  • Spring 2010, AquaFinn launches regular strength MinnFinn™ for treating smaller ponds.
  • Fall 2009, MinnFinn™ Max named Overall Champion in Pond Trade Magazine's 2009 Product of the Year competition!
  • 2008, AquaFinn formed to provide custom fish health products as part of the parent company AquaSolver. MinnFinn™ Max is our first product. We also launch our Facebook page.