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Spring 2014: MinnFinn Mini, MinnFinn Regular, and MedFinn are now sold by Drs. Foster and Smith
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Spring 2009: MinnFinn voted Pond Trade Magazine's Product of the Year!

MinnFinn Highlights

1. MinnFinn™ is the most BROAD SPECTRUM product available: Treats Parasitic, Bacterial and Fungal Infections. The most broad spectrum product on the market!

2. MinnFinn™ is Easy To Use: The easiest treatment on the market to use. Treatment time is only 1 hour and no water changes are needed when you are done.

3. MinnFinn™ is Neutralizable: Treatment is ended immediately with Neufinn neutralizer. Gives a safety margin for stopping treatments quickly when necessary.

4. MinnFinn™ is Environmentally Safe: Once neutralized MinnFinn breaks down into water, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

5. MinnFinn™ is Non-Toxic and Non-Carcinogenic to you and your fish: MinnFinn is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, unlike other products on the market like malachite green and formalin mixtures.

6. MinnFinn™ treatments require NO Water Changes when complete: Because MinnFinn™ is neutralized at the end of treatment, no water changes are needed, saving time and money.


"After using it the first time, I have used it again on another batch of much smaller fish. So far I am pleased with the results of the treatment. It was easy to use, but a little scary for the first use. As with many other products, I have learned the hard way to be prepared for anything. Not every product performs as promised. I did see good results clearing the flukes that I found on my butterfly koi. I used the product on some of my best fish that I offer for sale, and it cleaned them up nicely, with minimal fuss on my part. Thank you for making this product available to the public."

- Lonnie Ward, Oak Haven Koi

“I ordered a case of MinnFinn right after the San Diego show. I didn't think that I would have cause to use it, but I wanted it on hand just in case. I got two new Koi that arrived with flukes. I used the MinnFinn with excellent results. It was easy to use, zero problems with the Koi, easy to reverse and zapped those flukes better than anything I've tried in the past."

- Mary Bailey, Home Koi Keeper

“MinnFinn has become our treatment of choice for new arrivals of Koi and goldfish. It has been effective in neutralizing bacterial infections caused from open sores along the body as well as killing off anchor worms from goldfish. Minnfinn is a very useful product to have for goldfish and pond fish especially for customers that are experiencing problems with their fish that are bacterial and/or parasitic in nature. It has pretty much replaced our other new shipment meds for goldfish and pond fish/koi."

- Ivan Tanuwidjaja, Big Al's Aquarium Supplies

“I feel that the MinnFinn® product is a solid performer. I have used it in a variety of applications, from ectoparasite to bacterial skin disease, and had good response each time. It is easy to use with clear in- structions. That’s important since the doctor is not there to apply and neutralize the treatments. I look forward to putting it through more challenges as the cases come in, but have yet to find a situation where it hasn’t done its job.”

- Dr. Jamie Sulliban, Aloha Animal Hospital

"Per our conversation the other day, I used MinnFinn to attack acropora eating flat worms on 2 of the corals in my personal saltwater aquarium. This coral is a tri-colored valida. This coral was exhibiting half of the colony with color loss and bite marks from the flatworms. I removed this coral from the tank and put it in the 2 gallon QT tank. I dosed the tank with 2 Ml of MinnFinn. I told you on the phone that it was 2 Ml per gallon but I was using 2 gallons of saltwater. The dose is 1 Ml per gallon. After about 10 min, I noticed the whole coral was alive with flatworms and they were running for cover. After about 30 min the flatworms were folding up like leaves on a tree and falling off of the coral. I used the turkey baster and blew the coral and flatworms were coming out all over the place. I neutralized the tank at 1 hour and then placed the coral back in the show tank. It has been 5 days and the corals color is coming back and the polyps are coming back out. I am very excited about this because to date no one has come up with a treatment that will kill these pests and not damage the coral. I will keep you posted on any other developments that happen."

- Casey Sparks, Pond World Distributing

This is Jillian the girl from Massachusetts who’s been talking to you about MinnFinn for the last few days. I just figured I’d send you another quick note. I used it in the small quarantine pond the same day (the one that has held my rescue fish for over a week) and they showed no signs of stress at all during treatment like my fish did. I think it may be because they are in a shaded area that gets little sun, and my pond at the time was in full sun. I did add two large aerators to both ponds during treatment. They came through the treatment great and looked markedly better today. I had one fish with a scale hanging off and a couple of small areas of redness from loosing other scales, and another that had a lot of bruising from jumping out of the pond and getting tangled in the net I had placed over the pond. Both fish look almost completely healed today. I’ve seen no more flashing in my pond and my fish have returned to being calm again (I still plan on doing a second treatment to be sure all parasites are gone). So I have to say thank you for everything! I went to my second local pond supply store today, Pondscapes, to tell them my experience and they were immediately interested in carrying MinnFinn. As I left they were on the phone with Craig at Tranquil Gardens to find out more about your products. I will certainly be on the pond forums to back your products and share my results. Thank you so much for all of your help and suggestions, there are very few people out there that are willing to take the time to help and I am grateful.

- Jillian Leslie, Massachusetts

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